In The Media - Decriminalize Abortion

The coat hanger is a symbol of an era before Roe vs. Wade, when abortion was illegal and people tried managing it with the only means they knew: a straightened coat hanger used to dangerously induce a termination that would often result in hemorrhage, and sometimes death. While outdated, the symbol of the coat hanger is a persistent reminder that when abortion is illegal or out of reach, people will find other means to terminate their pregnancies. Today people have safer means of self-managing abortion.

— Meera Shah, Jezebel, November 28, 2018

— Rebecca Ruiz, Mashable, October 30, 2018

— Nina Liss-Schultz, Mother Jones, October 30, 2018

— Madhuri Satish, Bustle, October 30, 2018

— Emily Shugerman, The Daily Beast, October 30, 2018

Signaling a new chapter in the battle over abortion access in the United States, a European organization is providing Americans a way to get doctor-prescribed pills by mail to medically induce abortions at home.

— Caroline Praderio, Insider, October 19, 2018

— Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian, October 20, 2018

— Julia Belluz, Vox, October 20, 2018

Reproductive rights in the United States are being challenged on an almost daily basis—in no small part because conservatives currently control all three branches of the federal government. In particular, Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court has caused many pro-choice advocates to worry about the future of abortion access. But there is some good news: U.S. citizens can now safely receive abortion pills in the mail with an online service called Aid Access.

— Anna Sheffer, Hello Giggles, October 19, 2018

— Carter Sherman, VICE News, October 19, 2018

— Marie Solis, Broadly, October 18, 2018

— Cassandra Stone, Scary Mommy, October 18, 2018

— Auditi Guha, Rewire, October 18, 2018

— Amanda Gomez, Think Progress, October 18, 2018

— Nina Liss Schulz, Mother Jones, October 18, 2018

— Clyde Haberman, New York Times/Retro Report, October 14, 2018

— Amanda Gomez, Think Progress, October 30, 2018